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Dun-Rite Communications provides many different services to their customers.  These services include:  Tower erection and the stacking of monopoles, antenna and cable installation, relocation and removals, sweep testing, troubleshooting and line tracing, site inspections, complete new builds and upgrades and a broad spectrum of maintenance and repairs.  We specialize in installations on sites such as water tanks, smoke stacks and some of the more out of the ordinary locations.

Cell Site Inspection:

Industry standards have greatly changed over the years and site installations have been at a feverish pace since the 1990's.

We at Dun-Rite Communications have compiled a "Punch List" that is used as our guide for a complete and accurate assessment of how your cell sites hold up to today's standards of construction and performance in the ever changing market.

Standard procedure in a typical site inspection would include:

  1. Confirming sector azimuths by the use of a longitude and latitude with a 7.5 min. map and a theodolite.
  2. Antenna downtilts checked with a digital smart level.
  3. All antenna mounts and applicable steel for tight and secure hardware as well as being level.
  4. Any and all building penetrations sealed and caulked.  Fire stop where applicable.
  5. Sector grounding, to include antenna mounts, coax grounding and installed sector ground bars.  Grounding bend radius and correct flow of grounding.
  6. Jumpers from main line coax to antenna's checked for weather tight seal and bend radius as well as being supported properly.
  7. Correct color coding of main line coax, jumper and antenna as per customers specifications.  Brass tags if required.
  8. Coax routing, i.e.: Wall supports or roof mounted cable tray typical of a building site.  Cable ladder or other vertical supports used on a tower, monopole, water tank or similar structure.
  9. Use of hoisting grips where applicable.
  10. Coax bend radius.  Any visible kinks or unnecessary hard bends.
  11. Ice protection.  Overhead protection from any possible damage that might occur.
  12. Cable bridge.  Stability and grounding as well as correct support of coax.
  13. Entry Port.  Coax correctly grounded.  Color coding.  Bend radius into coax boot.  Port grounded to Master ground bar.  Master ground bar installed correctly with two down leads into main line ground or ground halo.
  14. Cell Room.  Coax labeled correctly and connectors visibly installed properly.
  15. Full systems sweep testing of coax with accompaniment of a technician supplied by customer at your request.  (Must be able to turn down site either one antenna at a time or single sector at a time.)  NOTE:  This work can be performed during off peak hours or weekends at your request.

Emergency Service:

Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Our response team is ready for any situation at a moments notice in order to minimize your down time. With over 12 thousand square feet of warehouse space stocked with everything needed to be able to handle your emergency needs.

Dun-Rite Communications is proud to be among the first people called after the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center to help set up emergency wireless communications.


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